Elisa Elamus OTT – Solving TV Frustrations for Customers

by | Aug 9, 2019

Elisa Estonia had recognised opportunities in TV services as a means of adding a premium proposition to their current portfolio of mobile services. To find the best approach, the business development team first set out to make what we call a “customer discovery”.

The small business development team was very agile and hands-on with everything. This meant getting out of the office and standing in our brick-and-mortar shops to do test sales of something that was still in the concept phase. By gauging customer interest in an imaginary service, the team got much valuable insight. In the customer’s mind it was a real purchase situation, which means that the reasons and decisions were very real. What were learned from these experiments were the main source of input for the Elisa Elamus OTT service.

We started by listening to our customers to discover their greatest frustrations about TV viewing

The customer experiments showed us that most of the customers claimed that they want more TV channels. When studying the matter in more detail, the development team discovered that it was not the number of channels that people were missing, it was the lack of something to actually watch through their TV service. Even customers that already had services with over a hundred channels claimed to have nothing to watch! Moreover, customers complained about the difficulty of understanding what each current TV service providers had to offer. Each provider had hidden fees. Customers also felt reluctant to change their current TV service provider, while being frustrated with not receiving the value they were hoping for. The team decided to focus on bringing customer value through content discovery.

Bringing customer value through content discovery

Customers were used to wasting time on clicking through TV channels, even though that is an inefficient way of finding appropriate content. This is why the whole user interface of BingeTV will be designed to enable content discovery. Although there was much hype around recommendation engines for TV services already then, the Elisa Elamus OTT team understood from their experiments that a small market is not be the best to utilise complicated and expensive recommendation engine platforms.  A more generic approach, where trending content highlights gave very good results and was also feasible for quick implementation.

Trending content highlights gave very good results

Highlights of trending content let the customer see what is popular at the moment and not miss the “must see” programs on TV. A simple search across channels gives customers freedom from channel listings and categorisation of content as the discovery element.

Another clear frustration of the customers was the fear of missing out.  Customers with catch-up and recording possibilities in their current TV services still were worried about the archiving time being limited. Elisa Elamus OTT decided to change that by removing all stagnated terms and premium add-ons, and instead create a bundle for everything needed.

 Our customers always in the centre of the universe

The Elisa Elamus OTT team put the customer in the centre of the universe from the very start and we are continuously trying to improve further by continuous engagement and empathy. 

Kertu Kriisk

Head of New Services at Elisa Eesti

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